Technical & Engineering Services

Degradation due to corrosion is a common problem across many industries and applications, and occurs in a wide range of environments. GCA has experience across the depth and breadth of corrosion hazards and risks faced by our clients.

We can also write the specifications for regulatory compliance, or enhanced performance standards in order to prolong the duty cycle of your equipment. GCA consults on rehabilitation, maintenance as well as new-build projects. These are some specific technical services offered by GCA.

  • Corrosion Auditing, Mapping & Monitoring
  • Materials Testing
  • Materials Selection & Specification

Corrosion Auditing, Mapping & Monitoring

The CorroMap proprietary corrosion mapping tool has been developed by GCI to assist you in material selection and corrosion control planning at different stages of the design of a structure.

This is particularly important for projects that have varied corrosive environments, which exist in many manufacturing industries.

This is an effective planning tool which will optimize (and minimize) the cost of your corrosion protection program.

See our Corrosion Mapping Presentation below Corrosion-Map-Introduction

Materials Testing

Our data analysis and testing recommendations are based on a wide range of techniques (including electrochemistry, microscopy, surface analysis, mechanical testing).

We have expertise in using all of the leading edge tools and analyses to diagnose and prescribe corrosion solutions for our clients, such as:

  • Pipeline Integrity Protocol
  • Coating Inspection
  • Coating Performance Testing
  • Failure Analysis
  • Subject Matter Expert Witness

Materials Selection & Specification

At Global Coatings Advisors, we help clients to select the best performance and most cost-effective coatings for their requirements.

GCA also becomes involved in consulting on specific corrosion problems where the use of corrosion engineering is needed.

And we will write the specifications to meet the performance standards required.

  • Material performance testing
  • QC testing programs
  • Material recommendation
  • Codes and standards interpretation
  • Specification writing


Global Coatings Advisors can provide clients with third party independent coating inspection/review, either at factory or in-field, by our coating inspectors not only with qualifications of NACE International Certified Coating Inspector Level III but also Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) who have rich coating and corrosion experience.

Going beyond just inspecting and pointing out coating and corrosion related problems, we also help clients to determine the best solutions to resolve/correct the identified problems, as well as to develop and implement suitable programs for preventing from future occurrence.

To achieve the above, GCA helps clients to deliver:

  • On-site coating inspection
  • Materials and quality inspection testing plans (ITP)
  • A3 investigation
  • In-house and/or third party failure analysis
  • Independent SME review reports
  • ROAR system and action lists