Global Water Transmission Pipeline Research & Strategy

We assisted a national pipeline producer who was need of a marketing study that would provide a global overview of the water transmission pipeline market. The study included a market analysis, trends, dynamics, definitions, segmentation, overview of key stakeholders, protection technologies, revenue opportunities, etc. They specifically wanted to know where they could invest resources to grow their business exponentially.

All water transmission pipeline segments were analyzed, which included the following substrates: steel, ductile iron pipe, concrete and polyethylene high-density that included a S.W.O.T summary for each. We identified synergistic growth opportunities aligned to differentiated focus strategies. This included exploiting their ductile iron pipe core competencies and expanding their reach in the United States. In addition, licensing their intellectual property to logical partners were identified in countries like China, Australia and the Middle East. Our strategic direction advice enabled our client to become a global leader in the water transmission market within a two year period of time. The direction increased revenues by 30%.